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Tantric Sounds SubWoofers

LD Series

  • 500w rms
  • Pressed paper cone with 25mm high roll surround
  • Nomex spiders
  • 2” copper wound coil
  • Double stack 75x155mm motor

The LD series is our sound quality line. But don't let that fool you- the LD is more than capable of formidable output. With 42mm of peak to peak excursion, it'll get things moving. The LD shares design features with the monstrous SHD. Just... on a smaller scale. It's at home in an infinite baffle install or a high output horn design. When you need to fill out the bottom end of the RTA, but don't need to knock the pictures off the walls of the neighbor's house, the LD is for you.

MD Series

  • Pressed paper cone with 25mm high roll surround
  • 2.5” aluminum coil
  • 750w rmsNomex spiders
  • Double 1”x175mm motor

We like to call the MD the "do it all sub." It's a Jack of all trades type driver. The MD line owns a USACI world championship and holds an SPL world record- as well as winning top honors in SQ competitions. A beefy 2.5" coil and 64mm of peak to peak excursion gives you plenty of power handling and output while staying linear. When you need output without breaking the bank (or the rear springs on your vehicle), the MD is a perfect fit.

HD Series

  • 1,500w rms
  • Semi Pressed paper Cone with super high roll surround (28.5mm 10” to 33mm 18”)
  • 3” 4 layer flat wound aluminum coil
  • Dual 10” conex linear roll spider with dual flat sewn leads
  • Double stacked 1”x190mm motor

The HD series is where things start to get real. Real loud, that is. This sub is the culmination of 15 years of sub design. When you burn the midnight oil for umpteen years dreaming of the perfect subwoofer for the streets, this is what you get. 80mm of excursion, a 3" lightweight, high temp flat wound aluminum coil and plenty of motor force to spare- the HD is a beast on the street or in the lanes. The HD is poetry in motion- if that poem was about the mythical "SQL". Think of the HD as the middle linebacker of the Tantric lineup

HDD Series

  • 2,500w rms
  • Semi Pressed paper Cone design with super high roll surround
  • 3” 4 layer flat wound aluminum coil with stainless formers
  • Double stacked 1” x 220m motor design
  • Dual 10” conex spiders with dual flat sewn leads

When loud just isn't loud enough... enter the HDD. With (7) world titles and (8) world records in its first year of production, the HDD brutalized the competition. But this ain't no burp sub. The HDD is featured in multiple 160+ DB street installs. Quite simply... the HDD is one of the beastliest 3" coil subs available. With a box shredding 95mm of peak to peak excursion, you're going to want a double baffle for this monster!

SHD Series

  • 5,000w rms (Yes, you read that right)
  • Triple 10” spaced conex spider assembly
  • Semi pressed paper Cone design with 33 mm high roll surround
  • 4” aluminum flat wound coil with stainless formers
  • (d.7,d1,d1.4,d2 ohm)
  • Tripled stacked 1”x 275mm solid pole motor design

The SHD is the epitome of what we're about here at Tantric. Huge output without sacrificing sound quality. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it- The SHD is an absolute beast. It's an all out attack on SPL and musicality. It has massive thermal capability, a jaw dropping 95mm of peak to peak excursion and it sounds so good that it'd bring a tear to your eyes if they weren't already watering from the sheer output. Hair tricks? Check. Brutal lows? You got it. Wreck the lanes? No problem. SQ competitons? Sure, why not.

When you need to bring the thunder (literally), step up to the SHD and step into the ranks of the loudest music subs in the world. (Lightning not included)