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Welcome to Tantric Sounds

Home of world class transducers

Here at Tantric Sounds we're passionate about music and committed to sonic excellence- earth shattering, ground shaking sonic excellence. From our SQ subs to the gargantuan SHD, one thing will become clear... Tantric Sounds is "pleasure for your ears."


Awesome products, amazing quality and not to mention customer service that is second to none. Murphy, Alan and everybody from Tantric have earned me as a customer for life.

Mark B.
Houston, Tx.         read more

  • LD Series

    The LD series is our sound quality line. But don't let that fool you- the LD is more than capable of formidable output...read more

  • MD Series

    We like to call the MD the "do it all sub." It's a Jack of all trades type driver. The MD line owns a USACI world championship and holds an SPL world record...read more

  • HDD Series

    When loud just isn't loud enough... enter the HDD. With (7) world titles and (8) world records in its first year of production, the HDD brutalized the competition....read more

  • SHD Series

    The SHD is the epitome of what we're about here at Tantric. Huge output without sacrificing sound quality. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it..read more

  • HD Series

    The HD series is where things start to get real. Real loud, that is. This sub is the culmination of 15 years of sub design..read more